• Lenten Charity Presentation 2018
  • Lenten Charity Presentation 2018
  • Lenten Charity Presentation 2018
  • Lenten Charity Presentation 2018
  • Lenten Charity Presentation 2018

Pupils Raise over £18,000 for Charity

Pupils raised over £18,000 for charity this year and presented the organisations with their cheques recently.

This amazing total was achieved by the boys through fundraising activities, some individual and many organised by forms. Activities included; an auction, a non-uniform day, quizzes and raffles, along with whole school events such as the Set Run.  The top fundraising forms included 7T, 7L, 7R, 10G and 9S and Mr Rafferty’s 9G raised a staggering £3,524.98. Well done to you all!

The school has a Charities Committee made up of pupils who are involved in selecting which charities are chosen. Earlier this year all pupils were invited to vote on which charities were supported.

Benefiting from the £18,000 total raised this year are:

Local Charities: Unique Kidz and Co and Team Reece.

National Charities: Cancer Research UK and BEAT Eating Disorders.

International Charities: Money for Madagascar and The Movember Foundation.

Representatives from each charity were invited to LRGS for a presentation lunch with pupils to talk about their fundraising endeavours and heard how the money they raised is changing the lives of people around the world.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said: “I am delighted that our pupils were able to meet with representatives from the local, national and international charities that were nominated this year. Hearing from them what the donations will be spent on reminds us why we support them and shows we are genuinely looking out for our community.”

Pat Owen from Cancer Research UK said: “Most of us here will know someone who has been affected by cancer, so you all know how devastating it can be. I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation.”

Hayley Wilkinson from BEAT said: “We were nominated as one of your Lenten charities because there was a pupil who had been personally affected by our cause. You normally associate eating disorders with young girls so it’s important that young boys know that they can be affected, too. Thank you so much for your donation, it will go towards treating and preventing these illnesses.”

Kimberley Brocklebank from Unique Kidz and Co said: “We were set up by two mums who couldn’t find childcare for their disabled children. Our charity means that young people, just like yourselves, can have a great time. We are off to Tower Wood in a few weeks – they will be so happy to have your donation!”

Rachel O’Neil from Team Reece said: “Thank you so much for your donation – up to two children every day are dying from these tumours and we’re funding partnerships between Lancaster University with other universities so children can receive quicker diagnosis and treatment. Thank you so much boys!”

Tabitha Middleton from Money for Madagascar said: “We have lots of different initiatives at Money for Madagascar. As some of you may know, Madagascar has a very diverse landscape. We are funding an innovative project to reforest the rainforest, as well as our other initiatives to help young children and vulnerable young women, and give them a better education.”

Jonny Viney spoke on behalf of the Movember Foundation, he said: “Movember is about prostate, testicular and men’s health, so it’s particularly important for us to raise awareness in a boys’ school.”